on Jul 14th, 2010Chapter 14 errata

Page 203 — The Multi-User Chat (MUC) feature mentioned in this discussion is an example only.  The sample code does not include such a feature.

Page 208 — The features to be included in the Hyperbola feature are part of the target platform. In Eclipse 3.5.x there is a PDE bug that prevents features from software sites from being added to the target platform. This has been resolved in 3.6. To work around this, we have manually added the required features to the HyperbolaTarget project’s misc/features directory.  Alternatively, you can use Eclipse 3.6 to do your development.

Note as well that the org.eclipse.equinox.p2.user.ui feature is listed as the Equinox p2 Provisioning feature in the Galileo repository and is not included in the Equinox p2 SDK feature.

Page 210 — To get a binding for %aboutText you need to tell OSGi where to find translations. Do this by adding the following header to the Hyperbola bundle manifest:

Bundle-Localization: plugin

Page 211 — To be able to run or test the new p2 function, you have to export Hyperbola and be running it as a normal application. You also need to have a repository to which you can point Hyperbola for updates or new function. You can do this with the following steps:

  • Export Hyperbola with the Generate Metadata Repository box selected
  • Copy the output Hyperbola directory to some other location  (or unzip the output zip somewhere)
  • Change the version number of the Hyperbola feature or product to simulate a change
  • Re-export Hyperbola to the same location
  • Run the original Hyperbola and add the exported “repository” directory as a local software site in the p2 Available Software Sites preferences UI. This will come up automatically if you use Help > Check for Updates
  • After updating and restarting, confirm that the update happened using About > Installation Details and look for the version number you changed
  • You can also create some new features and export them to the same repository.  They will then show up in the Install New Software UI

2 Responses to “Chapter 14 errata”

  1. saleveron 15 Jul 2010 at 10:00 pm

    Available Software Sites preferences UI contains a list of sites. What should I do to make my sites shown there? I mean when I open the pref, it already there. Feature has a property to define the update sites. however it doesn’t work. Why?

  2. Jeff McAfferon 16 Jul 2010 at 7:16 pm

    Take a look at page 342 and the use of p2.inf to add repos to your product. In general your RCP app will NOT have any repos in it. Typically people want to ship their app with their repo pre-populated so that updates are easy to find etc. That is what p342 it telling you about.

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