on Jul 20th, 2010Chapter 9 errata

Page 131 — In Chapter 8 we defined the Hyperbola product and set its ID. Unfortunately on page 117 of the first printing we suggested using “org.eclipsercp.hyperbola” for the product ID. In Chapter 9 when you go to export the product and use the Generate Metadata repository option in the export wizard, there is a conflict between this product id and the id of the org.eclipsercp.hyperbola bundle. The result is that the export silently fails and the output directory does not contain an executable.  To address this problem, ensure that the ID of the product in the top box of the Overview page of the product editor, is something other than org.eclipsercp.hyperbola.  For example, we suggest using org.eclispercp.hyperbola.product.

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