on Oct 4th, 2010Chapter 3 errata

Page 40 — The list of steps for adding the Delta Pack to your target suggests adding the directory ${workspace_loc}/HyperbolaTarget/delta.pack to your target definition. If in fact you followed the preceding steps and imported the Delta Pack archive, you would have to add the directory ${workspace_loc}/HyperbolaTarget/delta.pack/eclipse. The “eclipse” segment is missing in the example.

Note however that in the target supplied with the Samples Manager we eliminated the “eclipse” folder in the Delta Pack and so, as shown in figure 3-4, the eclipse segment was not needed in this case.

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  1. Doug Son 28 Jul 2011 at 6:58 pm

    section 3.6.1 “installing the tool in your Eclipse IDE, use Help>Software Update>Find and Install…” i am in

    Eclipse341 and my Help does not have Find and Install

    what do i do?

  2. Jeff McAfferon 28 Jul 2011 at 11:19 pm

    The samples will not install on older versions of Eclipse. The code itself likely uses some new features of Eclipse and the samples are packaged as p2 repositories. It may be possible to grab sample repo here (http://eclipsercp.org/EclipseRCP_Samples.zip) and then manually install the features / bundles by copying them into your Eclipse install or setting up an extension location.

    Honestly if at all possible I suggest moving to a more recent version of Eclipse. At least for the purposes of doing the samples. We just released 3.7…

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